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2008 NFL Draft: 49ers select Reggie Smith, DB, Oklahoma


I thought the 49ers would take a DB at some point and they decided to grab one right away on day 2 with Reggie Smith from Oklahoma.  ESPN listed him as a cornerback, but he appears to be much more versatile and can go out there as a safety as well.  While he's his own guy, this pick reminds me a little of Dashon Goldson last year.  Goldson is a DB who can play both corner and safety.  The upside to these kinds of picks is the ability to create some versatility with your defenders and use them in different packages.

The boys at New Era Scouting had Reggie Smith #2 on their safety list, which I think was due in part to his versatility:

Smith is a very athletic and talented defensive back.  His stock is aided by his ability to play both cornerback and safety,  but there are also concerns about his long-term position.

Over at ESPN, Scout's Inc said:

What he brings: Smith doesn't have great speed and can be beaten deep when left on an island. But he's a versatile playmaker who can line up at corner or safety and contribute to the return game. He's also strong in run support and capable of limiting a receiver's production after the catch.

How he fits: He is a versatile player and can give them a boost on special teams. With the age of Walt Harris and the lack of development of Shawntae Spencer, Smith can come in and contribute in 49ers' sub defensive packages.