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2008 NFL Draft: 49ers select Josh Morgan, WR, Virginia Tech


For those of you demanding a wide receiver, here you go.  The 49ers selected Josh Morgan, WR, Virginia Tech in the sixth round.  Going this late for a receiver may make the most sense in both the short and long term.  Isaac Bruce, Bryant Johnson and Arnaz Battle will be the primary wide receivers, with Jason Hill and Ashley Lelie battling for much of the rest of playing time.  As a 6th round choice, Morgan will face no pressure to make an immediate impact.  Some quick info from Scout's Inc:

Strengths: . . . Is quick and displays good change-of-direction skills. Knows how to find soft spots in zone and not afraid to go over the middle. Shows good sideline awareness and has generally done a good job of getting feet down inbounds. Flashes excellent upper body strength and can shed press coverage . . . Runs hard after the catch and flashes the ability to pick up yards after contact. Flashes a mean streak and can sustain blocks if he wants to. Plays with a good motor and looks to throw blocks downfield.

Weaknesses: Lacks elite top end-speed and is going to have a harder time getting behind the defense at the NFL level. Doesn't have great elusiveness, isn't fast enough to go the distance when gets a seam and isn't much of a big-play threat . . . Character is a big concern; charged with obstructing an officer in late September 2006 and Virginia Tech suspended him for the Georgia Tech game as a result.

MM reported that apparently he had to be taken down with pepper spray.  Barrows compared him to Jason Hill as a big guy with a good 40 time who doesn't necessarily play as fast.  Consider it's a 6th round pick, maybe they'll get lucky and score with this pick.  If not, it's not the end of the world.  Consider the sheer quantity of wide receivers that will be competing for playing time, he's definitely going to have to have a big training camp and preseason.  Of course, with a Mike Martz offense, every last receiver can help.