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49ers All-Time Kicker

Before making the switch to SBN 2.0 I got the ball rolling on discussions about the 49ers all-time team here at Niners Nation. While there is plenty to discuss about the draft, I thought it'd be nice to mix things up and get going on this team. After 100+ votes, 80% are in favor of using players from the 49ers entire history, so that's what we'll be going with. I'll do my best to get as much info as possible on the more old-school players.

We'll start with a little special teams action at kicker. Not a super-controversial position and not a ton of guys worth nominating. Prior to Joe Nedney coming to town in 2005, the 49ers had some major issues in getting consistency at kicker ever since Jeff Wilkins left town. Aside from big field goals late, I think it's safe to say that you want a kicker that doesn't make a lot of noise and doesn't inspire fear when he comes on the field. The 49ers have not had a long history of kicking excellence, but they have certainly had their share of solid kickers. So, below is a list of 4 nominees for your consideration.

Ray Wersching (1977-1987): After 4 season with the Chargers, Wersching spent 11 seasons with the 49ers and currently sits atop their all-time list of field goals made, field goal percentage with at least 100 attempts and extra points made. Furthermore, Wersching was the kicker on the 1981 and 1984 Super Bowl championship teams. I'd like to think that character is not an issue for our All-Time Team, but for those concerned, Wersching was indicted in 2006 for embezzling more than $8 million in insurance premiums. GOOD TIMES!

Tommy Davis (1959-1969): Davis was drafted by the 49ers and spent his entire career with the team. He currently sits second in field goals made while actually also being the all-time leading punter in team history (so we'll see him again for that vote). One thing to take into consideration: While he is 2nd in made field goals, he finished with a 47% field goal percentage. Ouch. Of course he is second in made and attempted extra points and finished with a 99.4% XP%, only missing two in his career.

Mike Cofer (1988-1993): Cofer played six of his eight years with the 49ers, kicking for the back-to-back Super Bowl champions in '88 and '89, making the Pro Bowl in the latter year. He is #3 with 128 made field goals, but only at a robust 67%, good for 99th in NFL history!

Joe Nedney (2005-Present): I realize Nedney has only been a 49er for 3 years, but on the all-time list, he's currently 5th in field goals made with 72 and second in FG% behind only Jeff Wilkins (who was 42-47). This 4th spot was between Nedney and Wilkins and I think the higher number of field goals made and attempted pushed Nedney over the top. Nedney has made 87.8% of his field goals, 100% of his extra points and has been one of the few bright spots in otherwise disappointing 49ers teams.

So vote away. As we get bodies selected I'll create something for the sidebar to keep track. Additionally, I'm posting this article through a new section I've created called All-Time Teams that you can click on towards the top of the left column on the front page.