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49ers YouTube Awesomeness

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Seeing as we've got some time before our pick in the SB Nation Mock Draft and things are just about as dead as can be, I'm trying to mix in some new things.  Since YouTube has so much entertaining stuff on it, I thought I'd come up with some links to 49ers videos, as well as anything else that brings entertainment to the masses.  

  • This first one is unrelated to the 49ers, but might be the best worst thing EVER.  A promo video for the Glasgow Diamonds.  Consider it a cheesier version of the Super Bowl Shuffle.  And I guarantee that many of you saw or heard about it at some point.

  • Apparently every team felt the need to come up with a horrendous rap video, including YOUR San Francisco 49ers

  • A cool Bill Walsh tribute video from the local CBS News

  • A quality trailer from 1988

This final video includes some Patrick Willis highlights (pictures and video) from college and the pros and is pretty solid.  A lot of the stuff on YouTube is game recaps which are not exactly the most compelling of videos.  If you know of any other quality videos, consider this an open thread for that.  They can be all 49ers or completely unrelated to anything.