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49ers Mock Drafts and Surprises

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After much delay I've begun the process of updating our Mock Draft Database.  The first page of 47 mocks is updated with the other pages to be updated a little later on Monday.  However, while updating the mocks I started thinking about the wild array of options out there.

There are probably thousands of NFL mock drafts floating around the Internet.  I've got 47 on that first page of the database, and just that shows the craziness of it all.  While there are definitely patterns developing, the spread of players the 49ers could draft is insane.  Some of the mocks out there are clearly off their rocker and probably make their pick just so they can say they called it on the off chance it happens.  A perfect example of this is Jared Donnelly from the network.  He projected the 49ers to take Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart with their first round pick.  Donnelly gave his reasons and claimed this was a value pick for the 49ers.  Unfortunately, I really don't see how the 49ers can afford a value pick at this stage of the rebuilding process.  Considering the needs on the offensive line and defensive line, does anybody really expect the 49ers to take Stewart?  It's not a knock on Stewart but rather the reality of the situation.  That projection is up there with the site that projected us to take Arkansas RB Felix Jones.  It makes even less sense when you factor in the DeShaun Foster signing.

Anyways, just looking at some of these mocks, a range of players is listed, with none being listed more than 9 times and quite a few listed once.  47 mocks is certainly not the be-all, end-all of statistical samples but it's still interesting.  Due to the size constraints of the special pages, I could only fit in 2 players (Hardy and Cherilus).  Who else has been projected?  Well they include (with number of times next to them):

James Hardy 9, Gosder Cherilus 7, Quentin Groves 6, Early Doucet 4, Brandon Albert 2, Limas Sweed 2, Kenny Phillips 2, Chris Williams 2, Kentwan Balmer 2, Mario Manningham 2, Dan Connor 1, Mario Urrutia 1, Cliff Avril 1, Devin Thomas 1, Calais Campbell 1, Lawrence Jackson 1, Jonathan Stewart 1, DaJuan Morgan 1, Reggie Smith 1.

Some of the mocks haven't been updated for a while so that also affects the numbers.  Nonetheless, that is quite the array of players.  Does anybody else think we go defensive back at this point or do Tarell Brown and Shawntae Spencer get the crack at replacing Walt Harris down the line?  I've heard people discussing defensive back in the first round, but I just don't see it.  A good pass rusher or offensive tackle would seem to be a very likely option at this point.  However, as always, what do I really know in the end right?  My own predictions carry as much weight as all of these mock drafts (ok maybe more weight than some).  After the draft I definitely plan on looking back and seeing how these mocks pan out.  Obviously some teams in front of the 49ers will make crazy picks that leave people scratching their heads (as could the 49ers).  But, we'll see how it all plays out in a few weeks.