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49ers SBN Mock Draft Options - Throw in your 2 cents if you get a minute

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Well, we're through 25 picks in the SBN Mock Draft and it looks they'll need a pick from us to post tomorrow around 2pm eastern/11am pacific.  So I thought now was as good a time as any to start generating some ideas and see if any thoughts have changed since our own mock draft netted us Gosder Cherilus.

Looking over the recent picks, one guy I liked, Brandon Albert, was snagged by the Steelers.  In the post on Brandon Albert, there was an interesting comment from Matt Miller, proprietor of New Era Scouting and Mocking The Draft and an NN reader:

There is no shame in almost drafting Jerod Mayo, we love the kid and hope he ends up a 49er (Fooch...)

There was some brief discussion about Mayo and I'm curious what the rest of NN thinks about him?  I checked out his scouting report and he certainly seems like a solid option to pair up with Bamm Bamm:

A two-year starter who has come on strong in the post-season. Mayo is the most athletic option for teams looking to add a middle linebacker. He is a very active tackler, can drop into coverage and has the frame to hold up in a 3-4 defense. Mayo has moved himself in to the first round.

Aside from the various wide receiver prospects and Gosder Cherilus, an offensive tackle option is also Jeff Otah.  Many sites have him ranked above Cherilus, and while it doesn't appear to be much difference between Otah and Cherilus, NES's scouting report had a warning note:

Otah is a player who rocketed up draft charts as the season progressed. It's easy to fall in love with his size and athletic ability. He possesses power, agility and some quickness. Look closer and you'll see a player who is inconsistent and doesn't always play with a lot of desire. Otah has only played two years of top-level college football and didn't start to play the game until he was in high school. Otah's tools are intriguing, but he may need a year or two to learn and adjust.

Comparing Otah to Cherilus and it seems like Cherilus was a little more consistent and would make the transition a little bit quicker at the next level.

So that certainly opens things up a little bit more.  A quick glance and I wondering whether Cherilus is the safe pick, but Mayo is the upside pick.  And there is the question of true positional need versus a possible value pick.  As nice as it would be to potentially completely solidify the inside linebacker positions for the next decade, is offensive line or the pass rush (see Groves, Quentin) more of an immediate need to be filled with first round talent?

EDITOR'S UPDATE 9:45AM - I just got some quick insight on Jerod Mayo from Rocky Top Talk, our Tennessee blog.