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All-Time Team: 4-3 or 3-4?

EDITOR'S NOTE 10pm: Alright folks, I'm taking my last final Thursday morning (oh hell yea). Once I get done, the next All-Time Team vote will go up in the afternoon.

I'll have the next player vote up later in the morning, but for now I wanted to throw this out for a vote. While the 4-3 seems to be generally more used, the 49ers have been making the move to the 3-4. However, I was checking out the 49ers starting lineups over the last few decades and it seems like the 3-4 was in vogue for them from 1981 through approximately 1993. Considering that was more or less the height of the dynasty, it certainly makes it interesting to consider what defensive alignment we should use in our all-time team.

So here are the options I'm considering and I've thrown it open for a vote. We could go 3-4 or 4-3. Another option is to go with 4-4. Even though that would mean 12 men on the field with 4 defensive backs, I figure it'll allow us an optimal number of linebackers and defensive linemen. I've included an "Other" option in case somebody has another idea.

EDITOR'S NOTE 8:55AM: So I'm putting together a list of cornerbacks to consider for our all-time team and I've run into a bit of a problem. The 49ers home page has a list of every single starting lineup in team history. However, the older squads have different names for some positions. Does anybody know what some of those old position names would be? For example, 49ers Hall of Fame cornerback is listed next to the position RH, LH and RS. I'm assuming the R and L stand for left and right, but I have no idea what the H and S stand for. Any ideas?