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Ezra Butler, Here's Your 49ers Parting Gift...

Noted undrafted free agent signee Ezra Butler was waived today after being arrested on Saturday in Reno for DUI and marijuana possession.  While Butler was not drafted, his signing was hailed by fans as he was quite productive in college and many thought he could make an impact at the next level.  Obviously he could still make an impact; it just won't be in San Francisco.

The tolerance policy of the 49ers brass can be spelled out pretty easily based on this and other events since McNolan took charge.  I'd say it's safe to say that the team believes in second chances.  However, that first chance better have happened somewhere else.  Butler was suspended for a game last season at Nevada using marijuana, so I'm guessing that was the first chance.  Guys like Tarell Brown and Josh Morgan also had run-ins with the law in college, so I'd imagine if they got in trouble, precedent would mean they were gone.  Of course Brown was a 5th round pick projected much higher, so I'd be curious to see if any kind of slack would be given to him.  Hopefully the issue never comes up.