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49ers All-Time Fullback

First off, I am not yet ready to announce the #2 CB for our all-time team. Eric Wright has stormed back to take a 3-vote lead over Deion Sanders. If you haven't voted for #2 CB, head here to vote. In the meantime, I thought I would open the polls for the next position, the all-time fullback. There is one man who comes to mind for most of us, but there are some other worthy options to consider. Also, I've added an honorable mention list with a reason I didn't include him in the poll.

Tom Rathman (1986-1993): Simply put, Rathman was a beast of a fullback. While leading the way for Roger Craig, Rathman was a member of the 1988 and 1989 Super Bowl champions. In Super Bowl XXIV, Rathman finished with 81 total yards and a pair of touchdowns. Aside from being a great blocker, Rathman fit perfectly into the West Coast offense as a receiving back. In 1989, Rathman led all NFL running backs with 73 receptions for 616 yards. Rathman is currently the running backs coach for the Oakland Raiders....try not to hold that against him.

Joe Perry (1948-1963): Perry is the 49ers all-time leading rusher and a Hall of Famer. The 49ers clearly used the fullback position in a different manner at that point, but considering the team also had Hugh McElhenny at halfback, I decided Perry would go here. On those teams, the backfield was referred to as the Million Dollar Backfield and consisted of Perry, Y.A. Tittle, Hugh McElhenny and John Henry Johnson, all futureHall of Famers. Perry was the first back to gain 1,000 yards in consecutive seasons and when he retired, he was second on the NFL's all-time rushing list to Jim Brown. He finished his career with 12,505 combined yards.

Ken Willard (1965-1973): Willard finished as the 49ers #3 all-time rusher, and like Perry was still listed as a fullback. Willard was a 4-time Pro Bowler who finished his 49ers career with 6.105 yards and 45 touchdowns. Willard won 3 division titles with the 49ers and was actually drafted ahead of Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers. Willard was also drafted twice in the MLB draft and currently works in North Carolina.

William Floyd (1994-1997): Floyd only spent 4 years with the 49ers but emerged as a fan favorite (well at least I was a fan). Floyd was a first round pick of the 49ers and against Chicago he became the first rookie to score 3 touchdowns in a playoff game. In that year's Super Bowl he had 58 total yards and a touchdown. For this particular position, Floyd would fall into the "just happy to be nominated" category.

Honorable Mentions: John Henry Johnson (1954-56): Only 3 years and his one Pro Bowl year was actually as a halfback; Fred Beasley (1999-2004): Should be in the poll just for punching Kevan Barlow, but actually came down to him or William Floyd; J.D. Smith (1958-1964): Fifth All-Time 49er rusher but wanted to keep this as
a 4-back poll.