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Niners Nation Call for a Writer

Editor's Update 5/5 @ 10:10am: I've got final #1 coming up in a couple hours, a new post will come up tonight after some decompression time.

I'm guessing most of you check out other team sites on SB Nation.  For those that don't, as sites develop they'll often add additional writers to bring unique views to the respective team.  Over at Athletics Nation, they've added some other story writers, but also a specialist for a "Staturday" column, which discusses some aspect of statistics in relation to the team and their performance.  Over at Mile High Report, they've got a writer who looks at Broncos history and another who explains a different aspect of football each week (whether it be explaining the cover-2, zone blocking, etc...).

And that brings us to the reason for this column.  First, I'm posting this on a Sunday because I'm guessing it'll be read by more of the hard-core fans.  Since there are plenty of mid-week hard core fans I'll be updating this later this week.  In the meantime, I am indeed looking for to bring on a writer, maybe more than one if the situation is right.  What am I looking for specifically?  Well, I'm not just looking for somebody to write a random post when I'm not feeling like writing.  Rather, I'd like someone who can fill a need by bringing a unique story angle to the site.  Some examples:

  1. A weekly look at some aspect of statistics and 49ers performance (or a more generic look at statistics and the NFL as a whole).
  2. A weekly (or bi-weekly or whatever schedule we work out) look at something in 49ers history.  Maybe one week you talk about John Brodie.  Another week you post about a specific game in 49ers history.  Another post discusses the 49ers 1981 draft.
  3. A detailed looked at some aspect of football similar to "Football University" over at Mile High Report, but more specific to the kind of stuff the 49ers run.

There are plenty of ideas, and those are just a few of them.  As far as scheduling goes, while I'd like a weekly post, we can work just about anything out.  I'd prefer some sort of frequency (even if it's once every 2 or 3 weeks), so people know when to expect the feature.  But that's something we can discuss if you're interested.

So if you are interested in writing (no need to be a professional to apply), either post something in here indicating so (and maybe what you'd like to contribute) or email me using the link at the bottom.  If you post your interest in the thread, there's no need to include your email for public viewing; I'll contact you.  This is primarily meant as an offseason thing, but if people enjoy it, we can certainly carry it over into the season.