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49ers Claim LaJuan Ramsey off waivers


This has been making the rounds, but the for those who missed it, the 49ers made a successful waiver claim of LaJuan Ramsey, a third year defensive tackle from the Philadelphia Eagles.  Apparently the Giants and Patriots also made claims, but are craptastic record last season got us in ahead of them.

Ramsey didn't play a whole lot last season as he was active for nine games and inactive for seven.  The Patriots would certainly make us think he's at least an intriguing addition.  The 49ers are not exactly stellar at defensive tackle, but it will still be a tough road ahead for Ramsey to make the roster.  Here is his ESPN scouting report:

Possesses good initial burst, reads keys fairly well and gets into position quickly . . . good upper body strength and flashes the ability to shed blocks quickly . . . adequate lower body strength and flashes the ability to anchor when teams run at him . . . adequate closing speed and flashes a variety of pass rush moves.,

Again, he's got a tough battle for a roster spot, but it's always nice to have a little extra competition.