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Golden Nuggets: 49ers news for 7/11/08


EDITOR'S UPDATE 12:30PM - The 49ers announced the signing of 7th round draft choice Larry Grant.  That leaves Balmer, Rachal, Wallace and Smith unsigned, although the team does not expect any trouble in getting them into camp on time.

EDITOR'S NOTE 10:05AM - Don't forget to submit your NFC Power Rankings.

Many of Niners Nation's readers make the daily trek over to Athletics Nation to get their daily dose of A's news.  One of the running features at AN is the Daily Link Dump, a collection of interesting links for a given day.  Usually they're related to the team, but just as often they can be about anything.  It's more or less an open thread for whatever.  We've introduced the link dump here in the past, but I thought it was time to brand it as something of our own.  There are not a ton of links in the offseason but there is enough to start posting this every so often. 

The name I've used, Golden Nuggets, is certainly not a definite long term answer.  I figure that since we're talking about the 49ers something to do with nuggets of gold might be appropriate.  And since I'm originally from Las Vegas, why not mix in a casino as well, right?  Any suggestions for a name for our link dump are certainly welcome.

  • This first one has absolutely nothing to do with the 49ers, but they've got my favorite graphic from the recent past.  The post is at our very own The Falcoholic and is about why the Falcons won't go after Jeremy Shockey.  It's listed as #3.
  • So there has been some discussion about new uniforms for the 49ers in the not too distant future.  Over at the 49ers Most Valuable Network site, they have had in depth posts about the potential pants and helmets.
  • Over at the 49ers home page, they've posted previews of the QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs and a general team preview.
  • It sounds like the early exhibition games could be more interesting this season.  Nolan has said that he'll have Smith and Hill playing further into the games than in the past to get a starter determined by Week 3 of the preseason.
  • Matt Jones was busted in Arkansas for possession of 6 grams of cocaine and now faces felony charges.  After being converted to WR, Jones had a couple good seasons but never emerged as the #1 threat the Jaguars were looking for.
  • Ed "Guns" Hochuli and Mike Carey both received the most positive votes in a survey of head coaches.
  • While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were flagged for the most personal fouls, your San Francisco 49ers finished 22nd.  Stupid penalties kill teams, but once in a while it can get the team riled up.  I think Football Outsiders should do a study on that.
  • Brett Favre should take notes from Trent Dilfer.
  • Sounds like the Raiders and 49ers are considering a joint practice prior to their August 8 exhibition game.
  • One site currently has the 49ers as +625 to win the NFC West.  For those who don't know, that means if you bet $100 on them and they come through you'd win $625.  Or for the more financially strapped $10 will get you $62.50.  Good times.

So feel free to throw out any and all links, 49ers or otherwise.  If you can think of a better name for our link dump, go ahead and let me know.