Johnny's Top Ten Controversial 49ers List

This Top 10 list is unique, not like any other. It will list all your favorite players, or players you think played very well but were a menace to the press or to the fans, a thug, a crybaby, a whiner, where news articles were more about his antics than his on field play. Some made noise because they wanted the ball more often.

And boy, they were good NFL football players, they were stars.

Unfortunately, crybaby stars. Here we go...

Johnny's Top Ten:

1. O.J. Simpson- He slashed, cut throats, and thugs were his entourage. He even tried on a glove in a courtroom that was too small for him.

2. Terrell Owens- Since I am deaf, I couldn't hear how high his whining pitches were, but boy, I can imagine. "I wanna the (bawling) ball.." All he had to do was get a pitching machine to throw him the football. But he is a great player, I loved TO. I met him in person at the mall and shook his hand (man, what an iron grip) and told him to keep positive in hard times..but I could read his mind "like the hell I am."

3. Ricky Watters- He was always clucking, yakking, blah blah blahhing. Even in the pro bowl he argued with a man senior his age, which I believe was his father..and then proceeded to run like a concorde jet and catch the ball in one fell swoop and proceed with the run after the catch. On his good days, were also his bad days. You know what I mean?

4. Bill Romanowski- Boy, he could spit. He was an outright dirty player, if he was in your hair, he'd tear it out. He was juiced up, man. And he concocts a big spit. He's not exactly the role model for kids, you know?

5. Antonio Bryant- he got caught by the police in an orange Lamborghini going over 100 mph on highway 101 driving recklessly. You wouldn't want to share the road with him, so he is on this list. He was a good player, would have made many more plays for the 49ers if not for his both on-the-field and off-the-field conduct. I think he whined a bit, too.

6. Charles Haley- He moped, he mused, he had a falling out with George Seifert and a physical confrontation with our beloved Steve Young, he posed sitting on his mean streak of a motorcycle looking badass. And yes, he wore leather.

7. Brandon Lloyd- He made indescribably impossible catches, but flunked after that. He wasn't a popular clubhouse presence, either. On catches he was afraid of getting hit. The grass was his best friend.  He could catch, but was not a great wideout.

8. Kevin Barlow- Fred Beasley didn't like him particularly, they weren't friends but foes- on the same team. He was not a great running back even though he churned some touchdown runs and scraped up yards. I have seen him at the training camp and he does nothing but run, then sag his shoulders walk around to take his turn again, and run. Same motions repetitively. I wasn't impressed with Barlow. Who liked his demeanor?

9. Lee Woodall- I have seen him strut around wearing dark sunglasses lowered on his nose with his eyes peering at everyone around him, watching for an imaginary assailant. He was wary of people around him, sulking as he goes. He was a damn good football player, but in public, he was like a wartime soldier sneaking through the battlefield trenches.

10. ME! Johnny Boy! The commentator that NinersNations fans love to hate. Whether I talk 49ers or politics, I am the NinersNations whipping boy.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.