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Early 49ers Fantasy Info

As we get ready for training camp and the preseason, the time is also fast approaching for preparing for fantasy football drafts.  I'm planning on starting positional previews for fantasy purposes in the next few days.  For now, Rotoworld did a quick tour of the NFC West.  There wasn't anything earth shattering but definitely a couple things to think about for your fantasy drafts and for the 49ers season in general.

Since Mike Martz aggressively praises all his players, it's hard to get a read on San Francisco's jumbled roster . . . Perhaps the most promising thing to come out of summer reports is Martz's eagerness to split Vernon Davis out wide and use him often as a receiver. Martz hasn't used tight ends as receivers much in the past, but he could be adjusting his playbook. … It's also clear that the offense will run through Frank Gore, like Martz once did for Marshall Faulk. Expect at least 70 catches. I see the world through Gore-colored glasses, but I think fewer carries will keep him healthy.

The Vernon Davis and Frank Gore comments aren't exactly shocking.  However, I do think that Vernon Davis definitely has the potential for the biggest breakout season fantasy or otherwise.  Frank Gore has always been a back who gets a lot of receptions, and considering the use of Faulk in the past, this isn't surprising.

Vernon Davis is a great talent, but Martz has never been a big user of the tight end in the past.  Over at Turf Show Times, our Rams blog, VanRam had the following to say:

Long time Rams fans won't recall any big seasons for tight ends under Martz. In fact, prior to last season when Randy McMichael had 39 catches, 431 yards and 3 TDs (considered a disappointment and the fewest balls McMichael has caught since his rookie season in '02), the last time a Rams TE had more than 35 catches was in 2001 when Ernie Conwell had 38 catches, 441 yards and 4 TDs.

Of course, we all know The Disease is no Randy McMichael or Ernie Conwell.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Isaac Bruce may be our "#1 wide receiver," but Vernon Davis is our most talented pass catcher.  He is the guy who could be the game breaker.  Plenty more to come on that of course.