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Niners Nation Fantasy Football League: It's Game Time

EDITOR'S NOTE 7/26 - I posted this earlier in the week, but wanted to bring it back to the front for anybody who missed it.  Niners Nation Fantasy Football is just around and the random drawing for spots is apparently happening around July 31.  So, if you're interested make sure and register, following the instructions below.


Alright folks, it's time to join in the fun that will be Niners Nation Fantasy Football League.  First off, this is open to EVERYBODY, whether you're just an occasional reader who has never registered here, or you're a long time commentor.  While registration is required at the league site, you don't have to register at to join.  Although we'd certainly love to have y'all.

Every blog in the network will have a league that will be comprised of the blogger and the readers.  Based on the previous thread I had opened, there is enough interest where we can likely form two separate leagues, and possibly even more than that.

Here's how things will work.  For now we have one league set up for people to join.  As we are a quasi-democracy (minus the whole voting for me thing), we're going to go with a random drawing of people for the first league.  There was some discussion of having long-time readers/commentors in their own league but I think it will be more fun mixing in some new blood with some of the old blood.  Oh, and if you let your team go dead during the season, the mocking will be merciless and public.

Even though we are filling this league first, all the leagues are equal and the winner of each league will get a prize.  I'm working on the prize situation, but it will definitely be more than just a front page post (although that will be available, in addition to whatever else I come up with).  Right now I'm thinking some 49ers merchandise (t-shirt, hat, something like that).  More word to come on that.

So how do you get in on this action?
Head on over to the league site (  At that page you'll enter your name and email.  Then, in the dropdown menu make sure you find and click on Niners Nation.

From there, I believe you will receive an email soon when the drawing takes place.  If you are not selected in that first drawing, never fear, another fantasy league will be up and running as soon as this one is full.  I know it's not conducive to a Super Bowl between the winning leagues, but I'm thinking we could work something out where I track the points of the finalists in each league and the winner's are squared off and those same week points are used for a grand champion of Niners Nation.  However, we've got plenty of time to figure that out.

Draft date and format are still to be determined.  Again, if you have not indicated your interest in one of the threads or via email to me, you are still allowed to register for the drawing.

If anybody has any questions, comments or concerns, please either post a comment in this thread, or email me at the address at the bottom of the screen.  I think this will be a lot of fun and can't wait for the season to get going.  I'm very competitive and to quote Clubber Lang, "I'm gonna bust you up."