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Update on 49ers Year-by-Year and discussion

Due to the size of the 49ers Year-by-Year column, most of it has to go after the jump.  For those of you who only skim over it, I just want to put out an important component of it that comes towards the end. 

After going through the season and player profile, howtheyscored has been putting up a point for discussion.  For example today's is about players who came to the 49ers before or after their biggest years.  It's meant as a discussion about YA Tittle.  In the 1950 column, he asked what was the best 49ers team that you can remember in a bad season.

Anyways, if you feel like adding in your two cents, head on over to the post (linked above) and go to town.  For this week's I think Ricky Watters is a good example of a guy who was better away from San Francisco.  In his three years in San Francisco, he actually saw his numbers decline (except for receiving yards in year 3).  In Philly and Seattle he achieved some impressive consistency.

Anyways, if you feel like joining that conversation (currently consisting of me), head on over.