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49ers Training Camp Day 1 Updates: Open Thread

It sounds like there will be random updates on 49ers training camp throughout the day.  As I come across information I'll add it to this post.  Feel free to discuss anything about training camp or otherwise that interests you.  And if you come across interesting training camp links throw them out there.  Consider this a combined running diary (updated less frequently than the draft one) and link dump.  So go to town.

Some early PUP news.  David Baas will start the season on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list.  He can come off the list when he passes a physical.  The general info is that he'll be back at the very end of the preseason.

Aubrayo Franklin has a calf injury that looks likely to lead to PUP placement.  Again, once he passes a physical he'll come off and it should be much sooner than Baas.

Joe Staley is not practicing today due to an infected bug bite on his foot.  Not the best way to start things out.

AM Practice
Nothing wildly over the top took place in the morning but as always there is plenty to infer from the participants:

The defensive lineman in the 3-4 were Isaac Sopoaga, Ronald Fields and Ray McDonald.  The linebackers were Justin Smith, Manny Lawson, Jeff Ulbrich and Patrick Willis.  This continues the trend of Smith getting a lot of time at linebacker.  I hope McDonald gets a lot of reps with the first team defensive line once the preseason games start.

On offense, Damane Duckett filled in for the bug-bitten Joe Staley and Tony Wragge got the first team snaps at right guard.  Once again, Zak Keasey is getting the majority of the snaps at fullback, although the two tight end set has been more popular.  I'm really curious what will happen with the fullback position in general and Norris in particular in the Martz offense.  Keasey is a special teams standout so maybe the 49ers figure they can save a roster spot by keeping him over Norris.

Jonas Jennings has apparently looked really good in drills.  Of course we all know he's supremely talented.  It's the injuries and personal issues that always get in the way.  If the team could get a FULL season from Jonas Jennings the o-line would be so much better for it.

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