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Welcome one and all to Niners Nation


Now that training camp is upon us, I've noticed an uptick in traffic as people stumble across this humble blog.  Many are coming via google searches while others are finding us through the 49ers team page at various sports sites, particularly

Since things are gearing back up, now seemed as good a time as any to introduce Niners Nation to those who might be lurking around.  For those who have been reading over the site but never registered, you're more than welcome to do so here.  Registration is free and I promise you won't be spammed by giving up your email address.  Rather, the address is for if you ever lose your password.  If you choose to register, the benefits include being able to post comments to all the threads and also to create your own FanPosts.  FanPosts are sort of like blogs within a blog.  If you have been dying to talk about the greatness of Atiyyah Ellison and nobody has mentioned it, create a FanPost.  I guarantee somebody here will be happy to join in the conversation.

For those who have only recently discovered Niners Nation, I can say without fail we have a first rate community of intelligent fans.  The team has struggled the last few years, but the fans keep coming back for more.  Over the course of the season we'll discuss everything from Mike Martz to the 3-4 defense to the return game of Allen Rossum.  My email is at the bottom so you're more than welcome to email me if you have any comments, questions or concerns about the site.  I appreciate all feedback.

In the meantime, feel free to register and join in the discussion.  There are plenty of question marks as we head into Year 4 of the Mike Nolan era.  However, I'm optimistic we'll get some answers this year.  Maybe they're not the answers we want, but they will be answers nonetheless.  Welcome to Niners Nation!