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Final Call: Niners Nation Fantasy Football Registration


Today is the final day you can register for tomorrow's random drawing of teams for the first Niners Nation Fantasy Football League. Head on over to the Flea Flicker site to register today (make sure you select Niners Nation in the drop down menu).

However, based on the number of entrants so far, this will not be the only Niners Nation Fantasy Football League.  As of yesterday, we had 50 people register for the league.  Throw in myself and we're at 51.  Once we get the first league set up I'll contact everybody else who registers and we'll get additional leagues formed.  Although we might not have a round number of 12 per league, as long as we have an even number of teams we'll be fine.  And ALL leagues are created equal.  Whether you're in the first league formed, or the fourth league formed, it's all the same.

As far as the Super Bowl option, originally the plan was to just take the points scored from the winner of each league based on that same week and declare an overall champion based on that.  If we end up with multiple leagues, we can just take the highest score among the multiple champions.  No matter what, all league champions will in fact get a prize with actual financial value.