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Joe Staley, Aladdin and Mr. Anna Kournikova: Yea, he's a badass...

I don't even know WHERE to begin with this.  I was looking over Matt Barrows most recent post and he managed to subtly throw in something that rocked my world just a little bit.  He was talking about how Joe Staley is one of the front-runners for Barrows' "Good Guy to Interview" award.  After some discussion about his foot and the offensive linemen's debate about Obama vs. McCain, Barrows dropped this little nugget:

The conversation ended with a discussion of Staley's Karaoke prowess. Staley says he's certain he's the best singer on the team and isn't shy about showing off his voice. During a recent excursion, he tapped Alex Smith's fiancee, Elizabeth Barry, for a duet of "A Whole New World." "I'm a big fan of Disney movies. So naturally I knew every word," Staley said. He also belted out Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man" and "Hero" by Inrique Iglesias. The man has range ...

First off, I certainly won't judge a man by his karaoke choices.  The whole point of karaoke is throwing out some rather amusing songs.  However, this list of songs is something else.  I love how Staley says naturally he knew every word.  I bet he was a hit in the annual "make the rookies sing their fight song" hazing ritual.

When Kwame Harris was still around, the big knock on him was his sensitivity.  He was an artistic "Renaissance Man" and that didn't exactly fly.  Of course he was also a god-awful offensive lineman whose primary weapon was the hold.  Staley proved last season that he could kick some butt on the offensive line.  So, for now he gets a pass, although this is definitely something to keep in our back pocket.