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We're #1! We're #1!

Hopefully everybody's off having a great 4th of July.  Nothing says Happy 4th of July like the annual Nathan's hot dog eating contest on Coney Island.  Actual quote: "It's July 4 and we're in the epicenter of patriotism here at Coney Island" (of course also heard: "The passion is raw, but the hot dogs are cooked!").

Anyways, congratulations are in order for the Bay Area's own Joey Chestnut, a resident of San Jose.  Chestnut defended his crown, defeating Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi in a tiebreaker.  After 10 minutes they were tied at 59 hot dogs, so they had a run off where the fastest to eat 5 hot dogs was the winner.  Chestnut won this first ever tie-breaker to bring glory and honor to America.

Enjoy a safe 4th of July and we'll see you later this weekend.