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2007 Review: Hope you didn't bet on the 49ers

Hope everybody had a great 4th.  The day after a holiday is usually pretty slow and Saturday was no different for me.  During the down time I was poking around and realized I had not discussed the gambling implications of the 49ers in 2007.  Since starting Niners Nation, I've used Scores and Odds when posting game day odds.  However, I stumbled across another site with a solid gambling historical database.  Cappers Picks offers a look back at each team's performance in specific situations.

In looking over the numbers, there isn't a whole lot to be discerned at the moment.  The 49ers were 5-11 overall, and 5-10-1 against the spread. If you bet against the 49ers, you did rather well last season.  Of course aside from the usually ridiculous preseason bet on the team to win the Super Bowl I avoid betting for or against the 49ers.  Betting against them just brings bad karma and if I bet for them and they lose AND miss the spread, well it just makes things all the worse.

The 49ers opened the season as a 3 point favorite against the Arizona Cardinals, a game that resulted in their one push of the season.  That was the last time the 49ers would be favorites ALL SEASON LONG.  Additionally, it is not so surprising to see that the 49ers and their opponents came in under the total points 10 times.  An anemic offense will certainly help in avoiding the totals.

Week Team Home/Road Fav./Dog Spread W/L ATS Over/Under
1 Arizona Home Favorite -3 W Push Under
2 St. Louis Road Underdog +3 W Cover Under
3 Pittsburgh Road Underdog +9.5 L Loss Over
4 Seattle Home Underdog +1.5 L Loss Under
5 Baltimore Home Underdog +4 L Cover Under
7 NY Giants Road Underdog +9.5 L Loss Over
8 New Orleans Home Underdog +1.5 L Loss Over
9 Atlanta Road Underdog +3.5 L Loss Under
10 Seattle Road Underdog +10 L Loss Under
11 St. Louis Home Underdog +3 L Loss Under
12 Arizona Road Underdog +11 W Cover Over
13 Carolina Road Underdog +3 L Loss Over
14 Minnesota Home Underdog +8.5 L Loss Under
15 Cincinnati Home Underdog +9.5 W Cover Under
16 Tampa Bay Home Underdog +6.5 W Cover Over
17 Cleveland Road Underdog +11.5 L Loss Under


5-11 5-10-1

Up to this point when we've looked at the 49ers 2008 schedule and predicted wins and losses.  A little later today I'll have my predictions of which games will see the 49ers as favorites and which will see them as underdogs.  It's not so simple because the status can easily change as a given team plays above or below their talent once the season starts.  As with every other prediction I'm throwing out, there are not enough grains of salt in the world....