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Brett Favre officially linked to every team in the NFL

Color me not surprised to see an article like this.  Over at the WWL, Bill Williamson put together a piece discussing the chances of Brett Favre ending up on each of the 32 NFL teams.  Normally idle speculation is ridiculous, but I like the general idea of this article.  If Brett Favre actually considers a return, whether it be in Green Bay or elsewhere, it would certainly be useful to consider all his options.

San Francisco 49ers: If the 49ers were just a little better, this would be an interesting spot. But Favre likely would deem the 49ers too far away from contention to entertain the thought.

If the 49ers had a new head coach, I could see some reason for the speculation.  However, it almost feels like Mike Nolan and Alex Smith are attached at the hip and if this ship goes down, they'll go down together.  Favre certainly looked very good last year for a guy his age and I'd imagine would probably improve the 49ers offense.  At the same time, he was pretty awful in 2005 and 2006.  Of course, back on the other hand, in those seasons he was still probably a better option than Alex Smith.

I could go back and forth for hours on end, but I won't bother.  Simply put, I want to see what this team can do with Alex Smith or Shaun Hill.  In my ideal scenario, Alex Smith takes hold of the job and leads this team back to glory.  THe worst case scenario is neither working out and we are back at square one.  Bringing in Brett Favre would only delay the inevitable.  If he were to play two more years we could draft yet another quarterback and give him a year under Favre (which is clearly doing wonders for Aaron Rodgers).  However, if Favre plays one more year and then leaves, we'd be in an even worse position.

Considering the odds are slim to none that Favre signs with San Francisco, I don't think there is all that much to discuss.  Nonetheless, it's always an interesting possibility.