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49ers All-Time Guard #2

In what has been a tight battle, we're going to declare Guy McIntyre the #1 offensive guard for our all-time team. While Randy Cross is certainly a deserving candidate, McIntyre put together a bit better complete work and the fact that he remains in the 49ers front office may have helped in the voting. Nonetheless, Randy Cross gets another crack at the lineup as we determine our #2 offensive guard.

Randy Cross (1976-1988): Cross spent a good chunk of his career at center, but his best years were at right guard. Cross won three Super Bowls and earned three Pro Bowl appearances and six All-Pro selections. Since retiring, Cross has worked as an analyst for NFL and college games.

John Ayers (1977-1986): Ayers continues the theme of outstanding offensive lineman in the 80s. The offensive line was just as important to the West Coast offense as Joe Montana. Ayers never made it to the Pro Bowl but that could be due in part to being overshadowed by the likes of Cross and McIntyre. Sapolu, Cross and Ayers made for an impressive G-C-G.

Bruno Banducci (1946-1954): After being drafted by the Eagles, Banducci made his way to San Francisco in 1946, where he'd eventually earn a trip to the Pro Bowl and two All-Pro selections. Aside from his outstanding guard play, I also have to include him because he actually had a punt return AND a kick return in 1947. Not sure why that's important, but it's impressive nonetheless.

Woody Peoples (1968-1977): Offensive linemen play a physically grueling position and Peoples was a consistent force at right guard. Peoples played 76 consecutive games without being injured at one point and earned two trips to the Pro Bowl, excelling as a pulling guard.