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Christmas in July: Pro Football Prospectus 2008

The date many of us eagerly wait for in the offseason has arrived.  Pro Football Prospectus 2008 has hit stores.  Over at it said the release date was July 21, but a visit to the Union Square Borders today netted me a copy as they actually arrived yesterday or today.

Football Outsiders is a pretty stat heavy group of guys.  However, the website and the Prospectus provide some in depth written analysis as well, which provides a nice balance.  They provide team by team previews, as well as analysis on just about every player in the league.  On top of that, they do further research on a variety of topics in the form of essays.  Some of these include a look at the 2008 college football season through the eyes of an NFL fan, rating the various NFL medical staffs, the issue of size in wide receivers and of course fantasy projections.

As I read through the Prospectus I'll have plenty to say here.  If you get a chance to purchase it I highly recommend it.  If you see something in it you want to talk about, feel free to write about it in a Fan Post.  There's more than enough to occupy us until training camp and beyond!