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49ers release Brandon Moore - Takeo Spikes in the house?

The 49ers announced the release of Brandon Moore today.  That announcement is coupled with the announcement that Takeo Spikes will be in Santa Clara later today to take a physical.

Moore was given a shot at starting last season and could not take advantage of the opportunity, leaving Derek Smith and Patrick Willis starting at the inside linebacker positions.  If Spikes is in town for a physical, I assume that means he's on the verge of signing, pending passage of said physical.  Spikes played 14 games for the Eagles last season before requiring season-ending surgery on his shoulder for a torn rotator cuff.

This certainly makes competition for the "Ted" linebacker position a little more up in the air.  Jeff Ulbrich had a solid grip on the position but Takeo Spikes brings talent Ulbrich lacks.  Ulbrich is a tough, hard-nosed veteran, but Spikes has natural gifts you can't teach. 

I'm going to guess Ulbrich starts this weekend with the first team as Spikes is so new and has to learn some of the details of the defense.  However, if Spikes is healthy I could see him sliding into that starting role in a way Brandon Moore simply could not do.  The big upside to Spikes winning the starting job would be the upgrade to the second level of talent (Ulbrich) in the linebacking corps, which is always a good thing.