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Niners Nation Fantasy Football League

Alright folks, the drawing has taken place and we are ready to get this league underway.  I'll be emailing people in the coming hours to let them know the next step.  We had 58 people enter and hopefully all 58 are interested in joining a league.

Right now the initial league will be 12 people.  If the remaining 46 people are interested in taking part in the additional leagues, I'd like to try and get 2 more people to give us 48 and allow for another 12 team league.  If not we'll have three 12 team leagues and a 10 team league.

If you've been pre-selected you'll receive a form email I believe from Flea Flicker with log in information (it might say it's from me but I'm not 100% sure).  If you're not preselected for the first league I'll be contacting you myself from my own email address ( and the subject will be Niners Nation Fantasy Football League and some small descriptor after that.  Please respond to the email ASAP so we can get draft dates worked out.

A reminder: Even if you're not the in the first random drawing league, all leagues are equal with prizes for all league winners.  More to come.

EDITOR'S NOTE 4:55PM: If you didn't register for the random drawing, you are still allowed to take part in the league (as you can see from the comments below).  If you're interested in playing fantasy football league with your fellow Niners Nation folks, either leave a comment below OR email me.  My address is