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J.T. O'Sullivan to start Saturday: What means more than "the writing is on the wall?"

Coach Mike Nolan made the QB rotation official for this Saturday against Green Bay.  It'll be the Battle for California as former UC-Davis great J.T. O'Sullivan squares off against former Cal Bear Aaron Rodgers.  The rotation is the same as last week with Alex Smith relieving O'Sullivan and Shaun Hill relieving Smith.

It's only the second game of the preseason, but clearly the pecking order has been established.  I mentioned previously how I just wanted somebody to be the #1 guy, and it seems like we're getting that.

Considering the amount of money Alex Smith is owed in 2009 and 2010 ($9.625M and $15.05M), if O'Sullivan becomes the starter this season and lasts as the starter, I'd imagine Alex Smith would get cut next offseason.  Not a stunning proclamation, but definitely hits pretty deep considering he was a #1 overall pick and the guy Nolan was going to build around.  Of course, if the season goes south, well Nolan won't be around either.  And it makes me annoyed that I bought the Alex Smith jersey.  Great call there.

In another starting note, it looks like Josh Morgan will be starting opposite Isaac Bruce on Saturday.  Hopefully O'Sullivan and Morgan can continue the rapport they seemed to establish last game.  It sounds like Bruce won't get a lot of playing time so Jason Hill will get starter quality minutes. 

Arnaz Battle, Bryant Johnson and Ashley Lelie will apparently all be in street clothes on Saturday.  Battle's hamstring was feeling ok but he felt it "grab" in practice on Tuesday.  So definitely better safe than sorry.  As for Lelie, well, if he's not cut before the start of the regular season I'd be somewhat surprised.  He brings the vertical threat, but you really can't bring it on the sideline.  He'd need to get healthy for the last 2 games and really wow people to secure a roster spot.