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Tony Wragge: Welcome to the Big Time?

Not too surprisingly, David Baas will not suit up for Saturday's game against the Packers. He continues to rehab his torn pectoral muscle (that's really gotta be painful) and Tony Wragge will continue with the first team offensive line.

Just before training camp, we took a look at the status of position battles heading into training camp. I stuck with Baas as the leader for the right guard position, but it appears Wragge is playing his way into some serious minutes:

There are some questions about the 49ers' offensive line this season. Oddly, there haven't been many questions about Wragge, who is filling in at right guard until David Baas is ready to return.

If Wragge continues to play well, the 49ers could find a place for him. Adam Snyder has gotten off to a slow start at left guard. Once Baas returns (he believes he'll be ready for the season opener), Wragge could be an option to go wherever he's needed.

"Tony is getting better with the opportunity he's had," Nolan said. "A lot of teams have those kinds of guys: big, tough, no-nonsense, smart guys."

Wragge played in 14 games in 2006, starting 4 and then proceeded to get no playing time last season. However, he seems to be in the right frame of mind for whatever he earns:

Wragge said he believes he is a starter in the NFL, but he is content with giving himself the title of "utility player."

"I consider myself a utility player because I can play left guard, right guard and center," he said. "Every team needs to some guys who are not part of that five-man starting line. I love it here, and I just want to take advantage of every opportunity I get to develop as a player and help this team."

Wragge signed an extension before camp that keeps him in San Francisco through 2009. So, what will become of Tony Wragge this season and next?

We've repeatedly discusse the issue of chemistry when it comes to the offensive line. There seem to be 4 options: 1) Wragge stays at right guard even after Baas is healthy; 2) When Baas gets healthy he's reinserted at right guard and Wragge gets shuffled to left guard in place of Adam Snyder; 3) Baas is reinserted but Snyder hangs onto his job for now, with Wragge quickly ready to replace him at the first signs of struggle in the regular season; 4) Baas and Snyder start and Wragge fills that utility role along the entire offensive line.

Do we have somebody out there who's worked with offensive linemen (all the way down to even a high school coach). It seems apparent that chemistry is important, but then again, what do I know, right?