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49ers 34 - Packers 6: Morning after links

The one drawback to doing clips the day after this kind of victory is that it's possible people will be a little too excited.  It was after all just a preseason game.  Of course, given the run of events the last few years, a little excitement is always welcome.

Maiocco rolled out his All-81 recap.  Through the game-tape and his vantage point MM is definitely able to spot some things many of us would otherwise miss.

Barrows had his quick post game notes on the game.

Everyone's favorite miser, Ray Ratto, believes the QB depth chart is more or less set now.

As the Chronicle recap points out, it's amazing what a difference a week makes.

Aaron Rodgers definitely didn't make the 49ers pay in this case.  It's only a preseason game, but he struggled.

If you head over to the 49ers clubhouse, there's some video of John Clayton discussing Aaron Rodgers struggles compared to Favre's success.  2/3 of the way in he discusses the 49ers QB battle.

Some quality pictures from last night's game.

A former 49ers beat writer says fans should believe in Martz's call at QB.

Sam over at Mining the Gold Rush is very excited after last night's performance.  I've tried to mellow my own excitement but optimism is always welcome.

Best line about the O'Sullivan: "He's not anywhere near John Elway, of course, but not too much like Cody Pickett, either."

Craig Massei at SF Illustrated has a detailed breakdown of the game.

Frank Gore is really enjoying himself after a tough 2007.

Odds and ends from the game over at

Josh Morgan has been psyched about the opportunities and challenges in the preseason thus far.

Who helped and hurt themselves last night.

Mike Nolan brought in an MMA fighter to discuss motivation and conditioning with the team.

Mike Martz spent the Packers game on the sideline, instead of in the booth.  If he's using the preseason to teach the players it makes sense to be down there to talk to them.

I'm sorry, but this just isn't going to work.

And don't forget to vote for the All Time #1 Inside Linebacker.