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Golden Nuggets: 49ers 37-Bears 30 the morning after


I realized I forgot to include the golden nuggets logo with the last link dump.  For those who haven't been here since the last "Golden Nuggets," I wanted to come up with a label for link dumps.  I figure the gold works with the 49ers and as someone who was born and raised in Las Vegas, well, nuff said.

The 49ers offense certainly put together some impressive drives last night.  The defense and special teams had their issues, but clearly the 49ers are not going to give us a perfect effort anytime soon.

Mike Sando is in the midst of a chat about the NFC West at ESPN.

Jon Kitna thinks J.T. O'Sullivan has the quickest release since Dan Marino and he's not surprised O'Sullivan won the job.

Before last night's game, Matt Maiocco sat down with Scot McCloughan to discuss a little bit of everything.

The Merc News had a brief report card following the game.

As previously stated, the 49ers special teams really struggled last night.

The 49ers are a confident bunch after last night's performance.

I was emailed some video from folks at so I thought I'd link to them:

O'Sullivan certainly made his case to start last night.

Did the Alex Smith fail the 49ers or did the 49ers fail Alex Smith?

I've got to run out the door so I'm going to cut this a little short.  Feel free to link away.