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49ers make first 5 cuts

Apologies for not having this up earlier.  I'll be posting more in the coming week, but I scored an invite to a closed 49ers practice today and have all sorts of stuff to pass along (including a brief interview with GM Scot McCloughan).  I'm actually in Mountain View waiting for Cal Train back to San Francisco and taking advantage of the free WiFi Google hooked up in Mountain View.

For now, the 49ers have cut second-year DT Joe Cohen, first-year TE Cooper Wallace, rookie S Lewis Baker, rookie QB Kyle Wright and rookie G John Booker.

I had thought they needed 6 cuts but Scot (yes we're clearly on a first name basis now) said that Ramiro Pruneda, from the International Practice Squad program, does not count against any of the roster limits, be it 53-man, 75-man or 8-man practice squad.

Joe Cohen is the only somewhat surprising cut, but he has never seemed to figure things out since the 49ers drafted him.  He spent last season on IR and just never bounced back.  Maybe they'll try and slip him to the practice squad. 

Lewis Baker is another practice squad candidate.  The PR person who was assigned to me today said the team was really high on him, but the thigh bruise he suffered was pretty bad.  We'll see what comes of that.

As I said, I'll have plenty of details in the upcoming week.  I got some pictures of the facility, but actually couldn't take any pictures of practice.  They're in the midst of implementing the game plan for San Diego, so they don't want that ending up on the Internet.

Trains here so I'll have more tomorrow morning.