Niners Nation sports bar?

FOOCH'S NOTE 4/24 3:30PM: During the season we had this thread set up for people to find sports bars in San Francisco, and also anywhere you might be.  I know that a lot of folks like to watch the draft at a sports bar so let's fire this back up.  I'll be setting up my draft headquarters at my apartment but don't let that stop the rest of you from joining wjackalope in getting a bit sloppy for the draft!  I'll link to this as well in the open threads tomorrow.

EDITOR'S NOTE 9/4 10:25AM: This was originally posted a week and a half ago.  As we're a community of 49ers fans, it'd be pretty cool to get people together at specific locations for 49ers action.  I've posted a link to this FanPost on the left side of the front page so people will always be able to check it for updates on bars to visit.  I'll make srue and keep the comments open so people can keep posting.  And every so often I'll promote it back to the top of the front page to keep it fresh in people's minds.

As I said before, consider it the classifieds for finding a good 49ers bar in your area of the Bay Area or anywhere else in the country or world.


So I figure since there's a good collection of die-hard Niners fans here, there should be an official sports bar that the fans go to watch games at. I remember there was one before and maybe it's still the official NN bar, but some updates on that would be great.

All I know is it'd be great to hang out at a sports bar with Niners fans since most of my friends are lame and like other teams, don't watch the NFL, or root for whatever team is doing well.

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