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Best 49er and Sleeper 49er: Fantasy Roundup

So, SB Nation has a fantasy sports blog called Fake Teams.  They came up with a good idea of having each team throw up a Fan Post about their best player and their sleeper pick for fantasy purposes.  Today is NFC West day and I threw up my Fan Post about the 49ers fantasy options.

Nothing too shocking as it's obvious Frank Gore is the best fantasy option.  I went with Josh Morgan as the sleeper.  He was shutout last week, but clearly he's shown the goods.  I don't think a guy like Vernon Davis would be a sleeper simply because people around the country know about his abilities. 

Any other sleepers you'd consider "sleepers" on the 49ers for fantasy purposes?  If we're to believe Mike Martz, Delanie Walker could be a possible bye week TE option.  It sounds like he'll be lined up all over the field, like the Duke, so that opens up some options.  Isaac Bruce is always a safe 3rd or 4th receiver to have, as is Arnaz Battle.  Bryant Johnson could be a sleeper 1 or 2 if he steps up his game.

On a related note, we've got 3 Niners Nation leagues through Fleaflicker.  Right now I've got 8 people interested in a 4th league, so if I could get 4 more people that'd be awesome. 

Why should you take part?  Well, it's free but you'll be able to win a prize if you win your league.  The tentative prize plan is a gift certificate for the 49ers online store.  If we got to a 4th league the gift certificate will be in the $80 range, meaning you could conceivably get one of the $75 replica jerseys the team sells.  Or you could get a few items that add up to the $80.  I'd order them online and ship them to you (rather than you buy and me reimburse you).  If that's not reason enough to join, I don't know what is.

So, the first 4 people to express in the comments will be included in this fourth league.  If there is sufficient interest (10-12 people) I'll even create a fifth league.  If the fifth league is created it would lower the prize value for each league, but would allow more people in obviously.