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WR cuts around the league - Any potential 49ers?

In yesterday's 49ers cuts post, sam23 made a good suggestion of coming up with players released around the league.  Mike Nolan has indicated the 49ers might sign a 6th receiver off waivers if the right guy came along.  I would prefer giving Dominique Zeigler a shot, but again, no vote for me.

I'm going through the various cuts to see what I can find but I'm sure I'll overlook some guys.  Feel free to include anybody I miss.  I'm not looking at other positions as I don't see the 49ers really loading up at any other position off waivers.  For once, the team is well settled at most positions in terms of depth.

Roydell Williams - The former Titan finished with career highs of 55 receptions, 719 yards and 4 touchdowns in his third year in the league. Unfortunately a nagging ankle injury kept him out of most of the preseason.  According to his scouting report, "He has just adequate deep speed, but is good on the underneath routes where he can use his quickness, agility and body control. He is a good route runner and does a good job of setting up defenders with little head and shoulder fakes."  It might be a bit of a reach, but the report sounds a little like that of this guy or this guy.

Samie Parker - "Parker has legitimate downfield speed and is a threat with the ball is in his hands. But in five years as a pro, he never has learned the subtleties of route running."  Does that scouting report sound a little like Ashley Lelie?  Parker has been more of a return guy but I wonder if a detail-oriented guy like Martz could improve his route running abilities?  Parker is only entering his fifth season in the league so there is certainly still time.

Travis Taylor - Taylor was once a first round pick of the Baltimore Ravens.  His best season came in 2002 with 61 receptions, 869 yards and 6 TDs.  After a decent 2006 with 57 receptions, Taylor was released by the Vikings, and then signed and released by the Raiders and Rams.  Rotoworld suggest maybe he should call it a career at 30.  I don't know if he'd see enough action but is he worth a look?

Chad Jackson - Jackson appears to be joining the long list of WR busts to come out of the University of Florida.  They all seem so talented and yet they never work out (see Taylor Jacobs, Jabar Gaffney, Travis Taylor, etc...).  I definitely don't see Jackson ending up with the 49ers as they'd be better of going with Zeigler or Colvin (at least as far as I'm concerned).

My source for cuts was over at the ESPN blogosphere thing (or whatever they're calling it).  They had a tag for roster cuts which included cuts and analysis of each team's cuts.  From my initial scan there really weren't a lot of wide receivers released that would fit the 49ers.  While there were some interesting first or second year receivers released, I would fully expect Dominique Zeigler (assuming he clears waivers) to be given a shot before any of them.

If you come across anybody that interests you on the waiver wire, definitely post it in the comments.  I'll update this with anybody else I come across.