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49ers and Raiders ready to get it on!

courtesy John Burgess Press Democrat

Is anybody else remotely stunned by this image of the Raiders and 49ers scuffling during practice up in Napa yesterday?  According to reports:

The scuffle and ensuing scrum erupted shortly after the morning practice began, and occured even as coaches were warning players to avoid "live" tackling . . .

But Raiders linebacker Edgerton Hartwell didn't get the memo. He leveled 49ers fullback Moran Norris with a shoulder tackle on a 7-on-7 passing drill. Norris got to his feet and immediately went after Hartwell. There were a few punches thrown as players from both sides joined the fun.

Forty Niners coach Mike Nolan, who coached Hartwell with the Ravens, tried to calm him down. Hartwell pleaded his case to Nolan. He told Nolan that Norris came at him.

As long as nobody gets hurt in this kind of thing, I honestly have no problem with things getting heated.  Normally, the 49ers practices usually only get heated when Vernon Davis decides to get in somebody's face (although it's usually justified).  The 49ers seem to have entered the "dog days" of training camp so I think something like this is perfect to get the edge back.

As long as nobody gets hurt, what's the big deal, right?  I'd imagine Hartwell will be looking forward to Friday when he can get another shot at Norris.  Of course, the 49ers offensive linemen may get back at him and put him on his butt.  Just one more thing to look forward to on Friday!