49ers need to make it a 4 (favre) man race..

the 49ers need to make a play for brett favre, our qb position is so bad that everyone embraced an unproven career back up qb in shaun hill just because he promised a change.. the truth is shaun hill is not the answer.. alex smith's meltdown last year offically anointed him a complete bust.. its so bad, that people whisper about jt o'sullivan like he may have some hidden mvp talent waiting to emerge.. now i may be wrong and somehow this qb black hole in sf may dissapate and stop sucking the life out of the 49ers but why sit still and watch a train wreck waiting to happen?? if the 49ers pick up brett favre they get a hall of famer in his twilight, he throws interceptions half the time, but at least they get completions and yards.. and an air attack that can stretch the field and open up the running attack for the frank gore.. last year the defense was strong, but with no points or first downs from the offense was forced to try and win games by themselves.. it also features one of the best Lbs in the nfl in patrick willis.. so even if for only one year, if for only to give all the talent on the 49ers a chance to compete.. sign brett favre.. i wont be mad at that..

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