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Blame the Raiders if this Friday's 49ers game is blacked out

EDITOR'S NOTE 11:20AM: The game is officially blacked out at 7pm.  According to Maiocco:

The 49ers' exhibition game Friday at the Raiders is not sold out, so the TV coverage will fall under NFL blackout rules. But, in checking my local listings this evening, it looks as if KICU-6 will carry the game on tape delay at 10 p.m. Friday night. The 49ers' affiliate, KPIX-5, will televise it at 11:30 p.m. on Friday. On Saturday, the game can be seen twice: 1 p.m. on KBCW-12; and 7 p.m. on KICU-6. That, of course, is according to my local listing. Double-check the times and channels in your area.

Ok, this is just plain annoying.  Rumor has it this Friday's game could be blacked out.  The NFL's blackout rule applies in the preseason and it sounds like tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll find out what's up with this. 

It's not looking good, so if the game is in fact blacked out, it will be re-aired at a couple of different times.  According to the Niner Insider, Channel 2 (Fox) will have the game on tape delay at 10pm pacific and Channel 5 (CBS for the 49ers feed) would air at 11:30pm or so.  Although I just checked the tv listings on my tv and it

I'm actually going out for a birthday dinner with some friends a few days before my birthday so I won't be around at kickoff time.  I'll have an open thread for game time but I'll leave it open beyond for the potential tape delay of the game.  Man, I hate those Raiders!

Anyways, just wanted to give people a heads-up.  As soon as the official television plans become known I'll post them.  I'm not sure how many people plan on watching them, but it'd be nice for it to actually be on tv for all to see.  My big problem with all of this is trying to figure out when to set my TiVo for this game!  I think I'll just TiVo the 11:30pm airing of the game.  And if that doesn't work out, the NFL Network will be re-airing it anyways.