The Return of Jeff Garcia???

So over on Matt Maiocco's blog, he has an interesting thought about the future of Jeff Garcia. It looks as though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are seriously interested in acquiring the services of Brett Favre, meaning Jeff Garcia will most likely be looking for another job.

According to Matt, it seems there could be a slight chance that the Niners would be interested in bringing back one time QB Jeff Garcia. Considering Garcia was a free agent twice before and McNolan showed no interest, does it really seem plausible he is even on the radar? What kind of ramifications would bringing Garcia in have on the current QB's? Could he learn Martz's offense quick enough to be a starter? Does he even want to come to San Francisco when a team like the Minnesota Vikings needs a QB and has a better shot at the playoffs? I am interested to know what everyone thinks about the possibility of a Jeff Garcia return.

I for one don't really see it panning out. I think it is more likely he would be picked up by Minnesota and would probably prefer to be there. WIth him as their starting QB they are in my opinion a playoff lock. I always liked Garcia as our QB and was sad to see him go, but at 38 years old, I don't think we would be seeing the same Jeff Garcia.

Anyway, thoughts?? I figured I would throw a poll up too because I like them.


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