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Preseason Game #1: 49ers @ Oakland Raiders

49ers_logo_medium @ Raiders_logo_medium

Date: August 8, 2008

Time: 7:00pm PST, 10:00pm EST

Location: McAfee Coliseum, Oakland, CA Spread: Raiders -3; Over/Under 34; Money Line: 49ers +125, Raiders -145; And if you're betting on preseason games, you might have a problem

TV Broadcast: Blacked Out: Tape Delayed to 11:30 on CBS 5; 10pm on Action 36

Notable Announcers: Eric Davis is making his debut as a pre-game guy for the 49ers preseason. I was really disappointed when he left for Carolina, but it's nice to have him back in the fold.

We're officially on the road towards hopeful redemption from last season. J.T. O'Sullivan has the fortune of starting the first preseason game, but the pressure is on for him to make his mark early. Whatever does happen to the 49ers this season, the curiosity factor is high considering the QB competition and the whole Mike Martz-Mike Nolan dynamic.

Due to prior plans and the late nature of the tape-delay, I may not have a recap up until Sunday late morning/early afternoon. At the very least I'll get a quick thread up for post-game discussion. Let's hope we've got some positives to discuss!

Quick note about SBN 2.0 and game threads: If you haven't noticed in the past, comments automatically appear so there's no need to constantly refresh the pages like last season. So the comments can become a sort of live blog of everything. Definitely a plus.

EDITOR'S NOTE 6:55PM: If you are new to Niners Nation and want to comment in the game thread (or any thread), registration is free and very quick. It asks for an email address, but that's just for if you forget your password. You can head here to register.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 7:10PM: Update in the comments but if you're in Yuba City and/or the Sacramento area, the game is apparently working on Channel 13 or Channel 58. Thanks to diehardkingsfan5 for the heads-up.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 7:15PM: Check out to watch streaming video of the game. Thanks to bondslegend!