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49ers-Seahawks: Football Outsider Preview

I was checking out Field Gulls today when I noticed a recent post mentioning a preview of the game by Doug Farrar, a writer for Football Outsiders.  As I'm a fan of the Outsiders I thought I'd link to it and see what Doug has to say.

He primarily looks at what Seattle needs to do to win and for Seattle, he emphasizes the pass rush:

Blindside pass rush can defeat four-wide sets, empty the cannons of unscouted quarterbacks, and leave talented targets with little to do. To put it simply, this game belongs to the edge rushers. Patrick Kerney and Lawrence Jackson must be able to get consistent pressure relatively unaided by blitzes. If the Seahawks have to sell out run contain by their linebackers, Frank Gore will have yet another great day against this defense.

The Seahawks have the most undefined offense of the Holmgren era (which is a misnomer -- this kind of offense is Ruskell all the way), which makes this all the more important.

The front seven that wins the battle will have the game in hand.

The article includes more in-depth analysis of each team's offensive line and defensive front seven.  However, the general idea is that this could turn into qiuite a defensive battle.  In addressing both teams' wideouts he says, "From a wideout perspective, this may the one of the least exciting games of the modern era."

I realize the 49ers wide receivers haven't proven anything yet, but I do think it's safe to say they're better than what the Seahawks are rolling out there.  If the 49ers offensive line and an established running game can give JTO some time in the pocket, I think those wide receivers could make some serious plays.