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OT: Take that Dennis Erickson!!!!!!!!


Long time readers of Niners Nation know that I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV.  My time there turned me into as big a UNLV fan as you'll fine.  For the last couple years UNLV basketball has kept me excited, but tonight UNLV football made me a happy UNLV fan and a happy 49ers fan.

Arizona State is facing #2 Georgia next week and clearly was looking ahead as they were STUNNED by the unranked and perenially abysmal UNLV Rebels 23-20 in overtime.  UNLV tied it with 18 seconds left in regulation on a one-handed grab by wide receiver Phillip Payne.  After going ahead by 3 in overtime, UNLV blocked an ASU field goal attempt to seal the shocker.

Why does this make me happy as a 49ers fan?  Well, Dennis Erickson is head coach at Arizona State and any embarrassing loss for Erickson is fine by me.  The man was god-awful as head coach and dragged our fine franchise through the dark ages.  No matter what you think of Mike Nolan, Dennis Erickson was worse.

Hopefully this is a good sign for tomorrow's big game in Seattle.  I'll sleep well tonight and get myself ready for some 49ers football tomorrow.