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49ers 33 - Seahawks 30: How to repeatedly shoot yourself in the foot and still win

Unbelievable.  Just UN-BE-lievable.  The 49ers seemed to do everything they possibly could to blow this game.  Fumbles, blown blocking assignments, turnovers, a missed field goal from Mr. Reliable.  And yet, in spite of all this, the 49ers managed to win.  The 49ers made numerous mistakes, but somehow they made enough plays in the end to win it.  I'm about as excited as I've ever been after a win.

The Good
Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce - After being shutout and left for dead in week 1, Isaac Bruce went in the way back machine finishing with 4 receptions for 153 yards.  More importantly is that all 4 of his receptions led to 49ers first downs, none so important as the 33 yarder on 3rd and 7 in overtime.  So much for having lost a step

JTO - For as much grief as he gets (and got in the game thread) O'Sullivan made plays.  As I said just before the season started, there will be times he makes exciting plays and there will be times he makes you grimace.  There were several times we wished he'd throw the ball away, but then late in the game, holding onto the ball allowed him to make some big plays.  It's only been 2 games, but this is clearly going to be a wild ride.

Bamm Bamm - Patrick Willis had the game changing play when he ran back that interception for the touchdown.  When he was out after that the Seahawks ran all over the defense, but when he returned the 49ers defense stepped up to make some plays.  Not a coincidence.

Bryant Johnson - He wasn't flashy but he made six big catches and has been the most consistent receiver through two weeks.  Isaac Bruce stepped up as the #1 guy this week, but Johnson just made plays.

The Bad
Special Teams - There was the missed field goal (not all Nedney's fault), the bad kick near the end of the first half, the big returns by Seattle's returners.  There is definitely some work to be done here.

The Ugly
Coaching Adjustments - As John Carlson was shredding the passing defense, the coaches were not making adjustments at all.  This game should not have been this difficult, but it seemed like our defensive coaches were struggling to figure out this Seahawks offense.  Maybe having all these new receivers was actually to Seattle's benefit.

Pass Rush - They redeemed themselves with a big sack late in the fourth quarter, but other than that, they might as well have gone without any defensive linemen they way they were performing.

There is plenty more to discuss as this went from the ugliest of losses to the biggest of wins in no time.  J.T. O'Sullivan certainly still has plenty to prove, but even the biggest skeptic has to see some of the positives he brings to this team.  Coming off such an emotional win, the 49ers can NOT have a letdown next week at home against Detroit.

Thanks again to everybody who took part in the open thread.  After the jump is the breakdown of commenters for the game.  The emotion ran high and it was definitely an exciting afternoon of football.

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