49ers win 33-30; Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Doesn't it piss you off reading these moron nay-sayers?

After last weeks game against the Cardinals, Ray Ratto wrote a Negative Nancy article about the 49ers and how there's no reason to hope for good things this season.

Some lines from his article:

"'Early?' Looks like too late from here.

'Lots of football left to play?' Oh, dear God.

'Progress?' Where?

'Good signs?' Yeah, right."

There actually WERE good signs last week. The offense showed plenty of competence and the defense roughed up the Cardinals. The Cardinals just did a good job of controlling the clock, and the turnovers ruined the 49ers.

It's strange how badly a lot of these sportswriters and radio personalities get it wrong. Last year, after the 49ers won their first 2 games, many people on KNBR were arguing that there was nothing to be worried about because they were 2-0. I knew better than that. Despite the fact that they won their first two games, they still looked like garbage. So it turned out that many of the fans who were skeptical about those wins were right. And I feel that the fans who are optimistic about this season are going to be right as well, and Ray Ratto will eat his words.

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