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49ers-Detroit: Jonas Jennings and Shawntae Spencer ruled out

Thanks to my handy-dandy text updates from the 49ers, I recently was informed that Jonas Jennings and Shawntae Spencer were already ruled out for this Sunday's matchup with the Lions.

Barry Sims will be filling in for Jennings and after last week's game, maybe that's a good thing.  Jennings had a bit of a holding issue that will hopefully be lessened with Sims filling in.  WHile JTO had his issues with pass protection, we'll see how a full week of first team practice helps sharpen things up.

On the defensive side of the ball, I'd have to guess that Donald Strickland will fill in as the nickel back.  Of course, if Dashon Goldson is able to play (and it sounds like he will), he is a very interesting option as a nickel back.  He is listed as a free safety but he got a lot of time at cornerback in college.  Either guy is a solid option as the #3, but Goldson and his ball-hawking ways brings a little more intrigue.