Week 3 Prediction Game

EDITOR'S NOTE 1:02PM: If you haven't made predictions up to this point, you are more than welcome to join the prediction contest at any point, whether it be this week, next week or even Week 17. 

And we're back with a new leader in wjackalope.  Quite an impressive performance.  On to the matchups:

Detroit @ 49ers - Sunday 9/21 1:05pm

Dallas @ Green Bay - Sunday 9/21 NBC Game 5:15pm

NY Jets @ San Diego - Monday 9/22 5:30pm

Carolina @ Minnesota - Sunday 9/21 10:00am

Arizona @ Washington - Sunday 9/21 10:00am

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia - Sunday 9/21 1:15pm

Talk about some interesting games this week.  It's going to make for another great weekend of football.

Once again, here's the sample format for entering your predictions.  The winner is in bold:

Arizona @ 49ers: 24 – 27
Chicago @ Indianapolis: 7 – 20
Minnesota @ Green Bay: 25 – 14
Denver @ Oakland: 19 – 13
Seattle @ Buffalo: 17 – 23
Tampa Bay @ New Orleans: 13 – 35

As always, any questions, let us know.

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