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Future Stars on the 49ers

Over at ESPN's blogosphere, Mike Sando had an interesting post today: Future Stars of the NFC West.  He initially mentioned Patrick Willis, but due to his overwhelming success last season, Sando decided he was already a star (I can agree with that).  He also mentioned Leroy Hill of the Seahawks, who has been getting high praise from the likes of Julian Peterson and Lofa Tatupo.

Mike's looking for some suggestions and it looks like I was the first person to comment.  I mentioned the Josh Morgan love, but decided to go in a different direction from there and point to Dashon Goldson.  Goldson has been a ballhawk in practice and he is definitely close to taking Mark Roman's job.  I don't think any of us would be surprised to see him starting at free safety in 2009, if not sooner.

So, let's come up with some guys.  Would you go with safer picks like Manny Lawson and Joe Staley?  Or is there a sleeper that hasn't been discussed nearly as much.  It's a little harder to find 49ers' sleepers here since we talk about everybody and everything.  However, a guy like Jason Hill or Tarell Brown might still qualify for that sleeper category.

If you get a second, swing over to Sando's post and throw up a comment with your choice.  And of course, let us know here who you think the next 49ers "superstar" will be.