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Q&A over at Canal Street Chronicles

So we're trying something different this week in terms of interaction between the blogs.  Instead of exchanging five questions I've posted a FanPost over at Canal Street Chronicles and later tonight Saintsational will throw up a FanPost over here.

The way it is broken down is the body of my Post is a quick preview of the 49ers offense and defense and how to potentially beat them.  Really quick and dirty.  The second part is that I open up the floor to questions from CSC readers.  They'll ask their questions in the comments and I'll answer them one at a time.  The same will happen when Saintsational gets his FanPost up here later this evening.

To get this even a little more interactive, I thought I'd encourage you folks to go over to CSC and give your thoughts as well, if you are so inclined.  To keep it organized, what I'd like is if you find a question you want to respond to, make sure and reply to that question rather posting a separate answer further down in the comments.  Make sense?

Also, a little smack talk is certainly welcome, but I think is more meant to be informative (unless those crazy Saints fans start talking some serious trash!).