Week 4 Prediction Game

Three weeks into the season and wjackalope was not able to expand his lead thanks to some impressive performances this past week.

49ers @ New Orleans - Sunday 9/28 10:00am

Philadelphia @ Chicago - Sunday 9/28 NBC Game 5:15pm

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh - Monday 9/29 5:30pm

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay - Sunday 9/28 10:00am

Arizona @ NY Jets - Sunday 9/28 10:00am

San Diego @ Oakland - Sunday 9/28 1:15pm

I actually think these are all tough matchups to predict.  You have some road teams that are the better team but find themselves facing some tough opponents.  For example, San Diego is better than Oakland, but the Raiders could give them some trouble.  Anybody have the balls to pick the Raiders to beat the Chargers?

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