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Niners Nation is now mobile-friendly

Every so often a new feature will be added to our friendly little blog by the tech folks and we might not even notice it.  Well, for those of you who use your cell phone for everything, you can now view Niners Nation in a much more user-friendly format.  SB Nation has a general blog for tech-related updates and they've got a quick story on this new feature.

Now your favorite SB Nation blogs should be quick and easy to read while you're riding the metro, walking down the street, or sitting in traffic (we don't condone blogging & driving). Our goal is to provide y'all something that downloads fast and is efficient to scroll through. Presently front page blog posts, comments and FanPosts are all available in this new format. And if you prefer the hi-res experience, you'll find a link to the 'Full Site Version' for all the graphics and widgets.

This is a first step in making all of our blogs more fun to use on your mobile phones and PDAs. We hope you enjoy! There are other mobile features planned in the future. And if you have any trouble browsing our the mobile version of our blogs, please send an email to

There's a picture at the link so check it out.